In order to wrap the edges and corners with hand-cut PPF, it is generally necessary to disassemble some parts of the car, such as front bumper, rear bumper, etc. This may affect the factory warranty, and there is a risk of missing parts and improper installation.

Wrappro uses 3D scanning technology to scan the car body data to produce the most suitable cutting film for each part of the car, edges and corners can be wrapped without disassembling.

  • No need to disassemble the car.
  • The cutting lines are very neat.
  • No asymmetry.

The graphic fits perfectly with the car body and PPF edges are invisible. It is most suitable for the car owner who is perfectionist.

Computer Cutting

Wrappro started using Venture Tape database in 2004 to provide PPF cutting services and pioneered the world's first 3D scanning technology in 2016 to produce car graphics.

3D Scan technology scans the shapes and radians of different car models to produce car graphics accurately. Edges and corners can be wrapped perfectly without disassembling the parts of car. Also, computer cutting can remove the risk of damage from cutting around the paint.

  • There's enough of an overhang to pull over and around the outside edge.
  • Remove the risk of damage from cutting around the paint.

Pre-cutting PPF can remove the risk of damage from cutting around the paint. The entire installation process is efficient and meticulous, and the installation time is shorter, so that you can get back the car much faster!

Laser Cutting

Wrappro removes emblems when installing PPF for allowing the PPF to be installed in a flawless manner without piercing the film. Double-sided badge stickers are laser cut exactly like the original one.

Laser cutting can make stickers of various fonts and sizes. The craftsmanship of laser cutting is meticulous, some complex and thin lines can be perfectly cut.

  • Double-sided stickers are exactly the same as the original.
  • No need to buy new emblems.